Student Responsibilities

Get the most out of your college experience at JCC

Stay focused

  • Academic integrity: You have the right to be educated and fairly evaluated in an environment which promotes scholarly honesty.
  • Classroom civility: Together, students, faculty, and staff create an environment of mutual respect and responsibility.
  • Student constitution: Learn how you can represent the student body, communicate through publications, and influence college activities.
  • Student responsibility statement: You take an active role in your learning and academic success.

General institutional information

Health & safety

  • Immunization requirements: If you are taking six or more credit hours at JCC, you must submit immunization requirements to the health center.

SPARC: Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention & Response

JCC's Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response course (SPARC) is available in Blackboard. The course must be completed on a computer.

  1. Log in to your Blackboard account
  2. Select JCC Student Training, and follow the instructions to begin the course
  3. Select SPARC 2020 from within the Select your desired course folder

Student Conduct Institute

JCC is a member of SUNY's Student Conduct Institute in support of Title IX training.

Badge for Institutional Member of the SUNY Student Conduct Institute, click to view campus TIX training

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