Organizational Management (Roberts Wesleyan College)

Transfer School: 
Roberts Wesleyan College
Transfer Program: 
Organizational Management
JCC Program: 
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Guarantees acceptance with junior standing of JCC students who graduate with an associate's degree, are working adults, have a minimum of two years of professional work experience, and demonstrate proficiency in writing by completing ENG 1530 English Composition II with a minimum grade of C and by passing Roberts Wesleyan College’s entrance essay.  Students can complete the bachelor's degree within 15 months through online courses and prescribed documentation and evaluation of their portfolios of life and work experience.  Roberts Wesleyan College will accept in transfer (with the exception of two specific courses that duplicate coursework in the Organizational Management degree program) toward meeting requirements for the bachelor’s degree all credits which meet requirements for a JCC associate’s degree, plus any additional JCC coursework, up to a maximum of 72 total JCC credits.   (latest update 2014)

Agreement Details: 
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