Substance-Free JCC

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Helping Students Make Wise Choices

As the usage and amount of drug trafficking in our community increases, so does the amount of drug-related crime. And it's not just heroin. All illegal drugs and forms of substance abuse damage our community.

Jamestown Community College is committed to helping solve this problem. Our goal is to ensure that all of our sites and campuses are safe and substance-free. To achieve this, we've developed a proactive plan that features programming and initiatives designed to demonstrate the dangers of substance abuse and what students can do to help improve the situation.

Substance abuse doesn't just get you into trouble with the law. It can ruin your health, destroy your relationships, make it impossible to complete your coursework, and get you fired from your job. It's a momentary high and a lifetime of lows. In the end, it all boils down to one simple question: Can you make a wise choice?

For more information on what JCC is doing to become substance-free, visit the Counseling and Career Center. We've also assembled a few other resources for people looking to learn more:

Everyone Else Isn't Doing It

One of the most common things college students hear when it comes to various forms of substance abuse is the old phrase, "Everyone else is doing it."

But is that actually true? 

Results of a 2014 Health Center survey of current JCC students show that substance abuse and usage among JCC students is actually much lower than is commonly assumed. 

  • 67 percent of students believed that the typical student uses painkillers, while only 11 percent reported actually using non-prescribed pain killers.
  • 50 percent believed that the typical student uses sedatives, while only 3 percent reported actually using non-prescribed sedatives.
  • 65 percent believed that the typical student uses stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin, while only 3 percent reported actually using non-prescribed stimulants.
  • 13 percent believed that the typical student drinks every day, while 0 percent reported actually drinking every day.
  • 70 percent of JCC students reported having never smoked marijuana, well above the national average of 62 percent.
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