Jamestown Campus

Jamestown Community College's Faculty Student Association partners with Lessing’s Food Management Inc. to provide a well balanced, comprehensive meal program for students, faculty, staff, and the greater college community on the Jamestown Campus.

Daily breakfast offerings include breakfast sandwiches, muffins, Danish, cereal, yogurt parfaits, fruit, and a variety of drinks. Lunch and dinner offerings include sandwiches, wraps, subs, salads, pizza, soup, chicken tenders, burgers and fries, hot specials, desserts, pudding, yogurt parfaits, and a variety of drinks. A freezer with microwave entrees, snacks, and ice cream will also be available.

*Meal plans are not required for campus residents.

Cattaraugus County Campus

Grab ‘n go food service is provided in the Campus Store, located in College Center. Pizza and pre-made subs and salads are available from A & J’s. Students can also order from A & J’s menu for specialty items. Microwavable breakfast and lunch items, bagels, fresh fruit, coffee, and cold drinks are available.

North County Center

Mary’s Deli offers pre-ordered food items such as pizza, subs, wings, salad, and much more. The store carries Pepsi products and a large array of snack items.

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For additional details and terms and conditions, visit our Campus Store.

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Jamestown Campus


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