Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Advisement and registration for fall 2020 is now open.

Our mission

The academic advising process at Jamestown Community College assists students in developing and implementing educational plans that are compatible with their life goals and which lead to student success and completion. Advisement provides a connecting and caring experience for students while emphasizing the importance of student responsibility in the process.

Advisors assist students with academic, career, and transfer planning, and are available to all JCC students. Students with declared majors are assigned to faculty from those academic disciplines. Undeclared students work with career counselors, who assist them in exploring and choosing a career pathway.

CURRENT STUDENTS - Schedule with your advisor through Starfish or contact the Counseling and Career Center for assistance.

NEW FALL 2020 STUDENTS should complete the NEW STUDENT INTAKE FORM  and REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT to be connected to an advisor.

Students accepted for spring 2021 should complete the SRING 2021 INTAKE FORM. Advising appointments for spring 2021 will begin in late October.

Getting started:

What if I'm undecided?

Being undecided can be anxiety-provoking, but it’s also very common among community college students. Below are answers to some of the most common questions and concerns facing the undecided student.

All my friends seem to know what they want to do. Am I the only one who doesn't?

A large percentage of community college students are unclear about their career direction. Though being undecided can be a little unnerving, it can be a great opportunity to explore your interests. Get started by visiting our career planning page.

How do I make a decision about my future career? I don't even know where to start.

In addition to our career counselors, you can visit JCC's FOCUS 2 CAREER and other resources on the web to begin exploring your opportunities.

How can I choose a major at JCC when I am unsure of my career goals?

Deciding on a major can be difficult when you don't have a clear career path in mind. Take the time to explore your interests, skills, values, and personality style as they relate to the world of work. A career counselor can help you with this. You can also pursue our A.S. Individual Studies degree, a broad-based liberal arts program which allows you to take a variety of coursework as you explore your career goals.

How do I know what classes to take when I don't really have a specific major?

Every degree at JCC has general requirements. Scheduling some of these courses will give you a good start. You can also take introductory courses in your areas of interest. HUM 1550(Life/Career Planning) is an excellent choice for the undecided student. This course helps students connect their interests, skills, and personality styles to the world of work. If you are planning to transfer, talk to your advisor about the SUNY General Education core or courses which may be common to the general education requirements at most four-year colleges.

What should I be discussing with my advisor?

Your advisor at JCC is a key resource to your academic planning and success.  Get the most out of this relationship by meeting regularly and taking an active role in your academic planning. Your advisement appointment is about much more than scheduling your classes! 

When meeting with your advisor, consider these questions:

What is my long-term career plan?

Your advisor may be able to give you some insight into career options and transfer schools that will best fit your needs. Look beyond the semester and toward the "big picture."  Where do you want your education to take you? How do you get there?

Am I in the correct major for my transfer plan?

Sometimes a student’s chosen degree program isn’t the best fit in regard to the requirements of the transfer school. Be sure to talk to your advisor about the requirements for your 4-year degree. You may also choose to discuss this issue with a transfer counselor in the Counseling and Career Center.

Will my credits transfer to my chosen 4-year college?

Just because you are meeting your degree requirements at JCC does not necessarily mean you are meeting those of the transfer institution. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the requirements at the transfer institution. To discuss your transfer in further detail, contact Counseling Services for an appointment to discuss your future opportunities.

Am I on track with graduation requirements?

Don’t wait until your last semester to check on your graduation requirements! Some degrees require carefully sequenced courses which, if not taken in a certain semester, may delay graduation. Meeting graduation requirements is ultimately YOUR responsibility – make sure you are familiar with your academic program, plan your semesters carefully, and ask questions when you aren't sure.

Does my semester plan meet my financial aid requirements?

In order to receive most sources of financial aid, a full time student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits which count toward the degree program in which they are currently enrolled. Be sure to review your selected courses carefully when planning your schedule and seek guidance from your advisor when necessary.

Not sure who your advisor is?

You can find this information in Degree Works, under your student information menu on Banner, or by contacting the Counseling and Career Center. If you would like to change your major or your advisor, complete and submit the online program/advisor change before the end of the first week of classes.

NEW students will be assigned an advisor when they register for classes. If you have a declared major when you enter, you will typically meet with a faculty member in that academic discipline to register for classes.  That faculty member, in most cases, will become your advisor.  If you are undecided, you will be assigned to a Career Counselor for advisement until the time you declare a major.

How do I add or drop a class in Banner?

Students may add or drop courses through the second day of classes each semester.  Full-time students require an add/drop alternate PIN to make schedule adjustments. A new add/drop PIN is assigned each semester and can be obtained from your faculty advisor. Students should exercise caution when making schedule adjustments, as these changes could potentially impact financial aid and graduation timeline.

Instructions for adding/dropping courses can be found HERE.

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