This degree program prepares students for transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a baccalaureate degree in an area of the humanities. Humanities is one of the broadest of the academic disciplines and offers students a great deal of flexibility and significant freedom in course selections. Working with their faculty advisors, JCC students can focus on interest areas in art, English, philosophy, world language, music, and theatre. Students can choose to earn the general degree or can choose to earn the degree with a track in English (a SUNY Transfer Path).

This program may be completed online.

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Minimum program credit hours: 60

Program Codes
Degree Option
Associate in Arts Degree
Hegis Code
Curriculum Code
General Requirements
24 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
ENG 1530: English Composition II3 BCOM H CENG
ENG 1540: Writing About Literature3 HUMA H CWRT, VEDP
Social Sciences Electives

(up to 6 credits may need to be SUNY General Education-category specific)

9 (X-X) S (SR)
Mathematics Electives (college level)

(3 credits must be SUNY General Education-category specific)

Mathematics and Sciences Electives

(up to 3 credits may need to be SUNY General Education-category specific)

6 (X) N (SR)
Core Requirements
18 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
World Language Requirement

(may be language or culture based; 3 credits must be SUNY General Education-category specific)

Humanities Electives

(at least 12 credits must be numbered 2000 or higher)

15 H
18 credit hours Degree Requirements Met

(up to 6 credits may need to be Liberal Arts and Sciences specific and up to 9 credits may need to be SUNY General Education specific)

18 (X)
Important Points
  • Students are required to take at least 12 hours of upper division (2000-level) coursework in humanities electives.
  • Students are required to take a 3-4 credit hour foreign language course, excluding sign language courses. This requirement could be waived for students who have successfully completed the Regents Foreign Language III exam with a score of 85% or above.
  • If students know the area they would like to major in at their transfer institution, they could choose to concentrate in a field such as philosophy, literature, or writing.
Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Gather data for research from various sources, including the library and forms of electronic media such as the Internet in order to produce a research paper with proper documentation.
  2. Organize and communicate knowledge and ideas in a logical and purposeful way.  Students will produce an essay in a 2000 level humanities course that demonstrates a grasp of thesis and the ordered, logical support of a thesis.
  3. Write a timed, single-draft essay that meets criteria for coherence, organization, development, and mechanical correctness as indicated in the departmental rubric.
  4. Recognize, explain, and analyze perspectives and values of diverse cultural groups and their historical experiences based on course materials.
  5. Interpret works of art, literature, philosophy, or other aesthetic experiences by interpreting and analyzing them within their historical or literary context.

Transfer Agreements

Our courses and programs are designed to give you a strong foundation in your area of study. But we know that for many of you, your time at JCC is just the first step in your educational journey. And when it's time for you to take your next step, that strong foundation, coupled with the wide variety of transfer agreements we maintain with several top colleges and universities, will help make your transfer process as smooth as possible. You might also want to consider our associate degrees and transfer agreements in communication, fine arts: musicfine arts: studio arts, and media arts. Learn More
It is important when planning your transfer to talk with your advisor about the specifics of each four-year college or university. 

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