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Jamestown Community College has you take computer-based placement testing before you enroll in college classes. The test helps determine which classes you're best prepared for, and where you're more likely to succeed.

If you are a full-time student, you are required to take the placement test. If you are a part time student, we strongly encourage you to take the placement test before registration. You will have to take the placement test before enrollling in any course with a reading, writing, or math prerequisite.

About the placement test

The full test takes about two and a half hours to complete and is administered throughout the year. No separate fee is charged for the placement test. The cost is included in the processing fee which is added to your bill upon matriculation to JCC.

The test portions include:

  1. Reading skills assessment: untimed, multiple choice
  2. Mathematics assessment: untimed, multiple choice
  3. English essay: 60 minutes maximum, writing composition
  4. Additional information about your educational background and goals

Your placement test results will be available after you complete testing. You are required to bring a copy of your results to advisement. If you are a part-time student, you can set up an appointment with a counselor to review your test results.

Test descriptions and guides

Check out the following resources to learn more about the placement test and what you need to know for test day:


You may be exempt from the following placement tests if:

  • You have a degree from an accredited college or university (reading, writing, math)
  • You have transfer or advanced placement credit for English 1530 (reading, writing)
  • You have transfer credit for math (math)
  • You provide written documentation from your high school that you placed in the top 10% of your class (reading, writing)
  • You are currently enrolled in or have passed Precalculus or Calculus (math)
  • You are auditing a course (reading, writing, math)
  • You have a score between a 70-79 on the Accuplacer reading placement test and
    • Documentation of SAT reading score 500+ within the last 3 years of starting semester (reading)
    • Documentation of ACT reading score 21+ within the last 3 years of starting semester (reading)
    • For NYS students, documentation of Global Regents 85%+ within the last 2 years of starting semester (reading)
Online and/or long distance students

If you are planning to take classes exclusively online and/or live more than an hour and a half from the college, contact Wendy Burns for more information on setting up placement testing at a remote location.

Placement retest policy

Computer-based placement tests are offered in writing, reading, and mathematics. Results are valid for three years after the date of the initial test(s).

You may schedule a retest option for all areas or a single area at least 24 hours after you originally took the test. Regardless of the number of areas to retest, there is a $10 fee to be paid in advance per retest appointment. Retesting for course eligibility in a given semester must be completed by the end of the second day of that semester. You only get one retest option per academic year.

Upon request, a pen and paper essay retest will be allowed. Arrangements are made with the English faculty at each campus.

College Connections (CC) students

At this time, a reading and/or writing retest option can be scheduled in the designated high school at no charge. If you schedule an on-campus retest, you will be charged a retest fee of $10, payable in advance. Retests must be completed prior to registering for a College Connections course.

Accessibility support

You can arrange private testing sessions with accessibility accommodations by contacting Accessibility Services at 716.338.1251 (Jamestown Campus) or 716.376.7544 (Cattaraugus County Campus).

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