We encourage you to be a good consumer and contact transfer schools early to ask questions. The questions on this page will help you obtain information to help make an informed decision. We strongly encourage your visiting schools that you are considering. Would you buy car without seeing it first?

We suggest the following as preparation for your transfer school visits:

  • Meet with a JCC Counselor and gather information about the school and your program of study ahead of time, so you can ask informed questions. Use FOCUS 2 CAREER and the college’s catalog and/or web site to gather information. Write down pertinent information as you research.
  • Call a few weeks before your visit to determine if the school will provide you with an unofficial evaluation of your transcript that you can discuss with an academic advisor of the transfer school during your visit (However, don’t be surprised if schools are not willing to do this until you have applied or are accepted to their institution).
    • Arrange to have appointments with both an admissions counselor and an advisor in the academic department of your interest.
  • Take along a copy of your JCC transcript when you visit schools. 

Questions for Admissions Representatives

  • What GPA is required for acceptance into your school and my program of study?
    • What overall GPA and program GPA is needed to obtain a degree in my program of study?
    • What are the application deadlines for your institution and for my program of study?
  • What is the total number of credits that your institution will accept? 
    • Do my accepted credits meet degree requirements at your school? If yes, how do they fit in?If no, why don’t they fit in?
  • After I transfer, how much longer will it take for me to get my Bachelor’s degree from your school? 
    • What specific general education, core, general elective or other course
  • Requirements do I need to take at your school to complete my degree?
  • Are there any other courses I can complete at JCC that will meet program 
    Requirements at your school?
  • What transfer scholarships does your school offer?
  • What type of housing is available for transfer students?
  • What student activities are available?
  • What is the availability of computers at your school?
  • What is the average size of your classes and generally what percentage of your classes are taught by Graduate Assistants? 

Questions for Academic Department Representatives

  • What specific courses should I take before transferring?
  • What internships or co-ops are available as part of your program?
  • What are the job placement statistics for your graduates and what types of jobs are they being offered
  • What job placement assistance do you provide for graduating students and alumni?
Name of College/University  
Name(s) of college or university official  
Title(s) of official with which you spoke  
Telephone number and email address  

If you would like to review the responses to these questions with a JCC counselor, please make an appointment by calling at 716.338.1000. We look forward to helping you with your transfer process.

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