Colleges and universities have given us information specifying which Jamestown Community College courses transfer to their schools. This information is accessible in the Counseling and Career Center. Schools that have included JCC course equivalency information on their web sites have a direct link below. Important: To transfer courses, students may need a "C" grade or better.

To review course equivalencies available in hard copy form contact a counselor at your site.

Course equivalents information will be updated as it is made available from the transfer schools. Ultimately, it is the transfer schools’ decision regarding how and if a course transfers. The information contained on this page should be used as a guide. Students should consult the transfer school or a JCC counselor if they have questions concerning the transfer of courses.

We strongly suggest that you talk to a JCC counselor or your advisor about transfer agreements or course equivalents that interest you and any other transfer question you might have. We are here to help you plan your transfer steps. A few hours of transfer research now can save you years of time later. As you plan, please contact us if you need assistance. 

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