JCC students enrolled in CCIS semester abroad programs are eligible to receive financial aid from federal, state, and institutional sources. Federal and state grants such as PELL and TAP, college scholarships, and the student loan program can provide funds to help pay the expense of studying abroad. Eligibility for funds is determined on an individual basis, and students should begin the application process by filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as early as possible. Students should file the FAFSA by March 1st each year for programs beginning in the fall and by September 1 for spring programs. We recommend that students studying abroad designate a family member as power of attorney to negotiation financial aid funds while abroad.

For more details on the scholarships listed below and how to apply for them, please contact our study abroad coordinator directly at 716.338.1242 or via e-mail.

Financial Aid at JCC

Gilman Scholarship Program
Provides scholarship funding for U.S. undergraduate students eligible for Federal Pell Grants to study abroad.

Boren Awards for International Study
Provides scholarship funds for U.S. undergraduate students to study languages deemed critical to U.S. interests (get a complete list of critical languages and countries).

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