Important dates for College Connections: 2016-17

These dates are for College Connections high school students only. If you are not a College Connections student, refer to our academic calendar.

Withdrawal dates for College Connections students

Duration of class How many classes Last day to withdraw
Spring 2017 semester Individual class Friday, April 21, 2017
Spring 2017 semester All classes Before last day of classes before final exams
2016-17 full year All classes Before last day of classes before final exams

Grade submission dates for College Connections instructors

Duration of class Date to submit
Spring 2017 semester Monday, June 19-Friday, June 23, 2017
2016-17 full year Monday, June 19-Friday, June 23, 2017
Additional information

Banner roster verification: Once students have completed registration, College Connections will email instructions on verifying course rosters in the BANNER system. Instructors will have one week to verify their course rosters and make any necessary corrections.

Online faculty evaluations: Instructors will receive information on completing the online course evaluation in mid-November. Full-year and spring evaluation instructions will be sent in mid-March.  Please have your students complete evaluations by the due dates noted on the instructions. 

Withdrawal: Students no longer attending your class need to be officially withdrawn from JCC or a final grade will be assigned. This includes students who drop the class or move out of the school district. To withdraw from one course or all courses, students must complete a withdrawal form. 

Grade submission: College Connections instructors are required to enter grades into the BANNER web system. Instructors will have one week at the end of the semester to submit their grades. 

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