JCC Foundation

About the JCC Foundation

Established in 1983, Jamestown Community College Foundation, Inc. exists for the exclusive purpose of benefiting Jamestown Community College. The JCC Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization which develops, maintains, and manages an endowment to support projects and activities deemed to be compatible, complementary, and consistent with the mission of the college.

By virtue of its charter, the JCC Foundation board of directors disburses funds within the parameters of the laws governing not-for-profit educational foundations and, where defined, restrictions imposed by contributors. The JCC Foundation board of directors reserves the right to refuse a contribution which carries a proviso it deems inappropriate or inconsistent with the mission of the college or the purpose of the JCC Foundation.

The finances of the JCC Foundation are subject to public audit. The JCC Foundation is registered with New York State as a charitable foundation and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

JCC Foundation board of directors
  • Todd Allen
  • Sebastian Baggiano
  • Kevin Brombacher, treasurer
  • Daniel DeMarte
  • Donna Flinchbaugh
  • Don Hall
  • Justin Hanft
  • Angela Langdon
  • Becky Nystrom
  • Andy Pascarella
  • Timothy Piazza, Ph.D., president
  • Colleen Taggerty
  • Mark Ward
  • Wade Weatherlow
  • Hadley Weinberg, secretary
  • John Whelpley, vice president
JCC Foundation staff
  • Maria Kindberg, Executive Director of the JCC Foundation
  • Heather Morris, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Carissa Bentley, Administrative Assistant
  • Kimberly Rowe, Administrative Assistant
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Contact the JCC Foundation

Jamestown Campus
(Hamilton Collegiate Center)

800.388.8557 x1010 or 716.338.1010